Heather Adair Hawkins | Presentation Skills Coaching

Presentation Skills Coaching

What is a presentation skills coach and why do you need one? Every single person must speak to or in front of others of importance to them. Whether this is in an elevator for 30 seconds with a vice president of your company, a meeting full of your peers, or at the pub to a person of the opposite sex, you don’t want to fall behind.

If your palms start to sweat and your stomach ties in knots just reading about speaking, then you might need Heather’s help!┬áHeather specializes in taking the fear out of speaking and instilling confidence in its place. You don’t need to be an executive or have a fancy sounding job to benefit from the skills you would learn from her during coaching. With packages for all price ranges available, you could choose to meet with Heather for one hour a week, or one hour twice a month.

The first step is one of the hardest, and you’ve already done it by looking at this website and considering what this type of coaching could do for you. The next step is to contact Heather and set up a 20 minute free consult to see where your skills are currently, and what YOUR next steps should be.

So what are you waiting for? Look at the contact details page now!