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01 Sep 2015, by Heather Hawkins in Uncategorized

I’m having trouble accepting that you somehow believe that she is different after the diagnosis. It isn’t even here yet and you treat her as if she’s diseased. I honestly got better reception from saying, “She has cancer,” than I do with “Oh, its ASD.”

For me, this diagnosis is just giving a name to something that already existed. IT doesn’t change who SHE is at all. Putting a label on an envelop doesn’t change that its an envelop. Its not as if we are now introducing her as, “This is an ASD child. Her name is Aiden.” She’s Aiden. She has always been Aiden. But now we know why she has outbursts. We have a reason for her inappropriate non sequiturs.

We aren’t using it as an excuse. We are using it to figure out behavioural training models that will help Aiden survive others. I’m not asking you to survive her. If you can’t,¬†walk the fuck away. As my grandma would say, “This isn’t about you.” But Aiden, needs to learn how to deal with others. She’s not a special snowflake. I don’t want to make her separate. I want to help her show her quirkiness in more palatable ways.

By sending me a snarky email telling me how she used all your one to one resources with the extra, in brackets, (school funded), next to it, you are telling me you don’t understand. As a person with the title of Deputy Principal Student¬†Inclusion¬†Officer, you should. Get some damn training. If 1 in 68 students are diagnosis this way, you should figure it the fuck out. This isn’t an epidemic. These kids, our kids were once just called “bad.” I was “behaviourally challenged.” I didn’t get the helpful label to allow people to show me how to interact. I was just called weird. This isn’t new. Its just changed in how we look at it. If we aren’t using our 1:1 resources for these kids, then what are we using them for?

She may be a square peg for a round hole, but I only seek to soften her edges, not lose them completely.


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